Welcome to my Smugmug Galleries— here you can see my work and order professional prints that will be shipped directly to you.

If you are looking for download files to print at home, please visit my Patreon site.

There, for the price of a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, you can have access to many of my downloadable files for personal use.

Please note that my images are copyrighted, if you want to use them as part of a sales commodity you will need to email me for pricing and rights to use.

Also...please be aware that these are iPhone photos and as such, they may not all be available to print at larger sizes.

SmugMug takes the guesswork out of it by showing you the largest size an image can be printed at as you go through the purchase options. SmugMug takes out all the guesswork and sends you a beautiful print of the image(s) of your choice at the best size for your purpose.